Sugar cane cultivation

We are a reference in the sugar-energy market and our investments in clean, sustainable energy with reduced carbon emissions have brought us recognition and certifications with numbers that show our impact on the sugar-energy sector over the years.

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, Tietê has two factories strategically located in the municipalities of Paraíso and Ubarana and its main activity is the planting of sugar cane, production and sale of sugar, ethanol and its derivatives and cogeneration of electrical energy.

We grow sugar cane and our production process begins with planting using highly selected seedling, guaranteeing quality and production while always respecting the environment.

Today, sugar cane has great economic value, being considered one of the great alternatives for the biofuel sector due to its great potential in the production of sugar and ethanol. Furthermore, sugarcane by-products are of great economic importance, such as in energy generation, helping to increase supply and reduce costs.

Tietê adopts a green harvesting process where harvesting is fully mechanized.

Today, we are a reference in management, new technologies and considered one of the best Agribusiness Companies, with high operational performance and optimized costs.

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