Choral Festival – FESCC

Infant-Youth Choral Festival – Catanduva-SP

In line with our commitment to promoting culture and education, Tietê Agroindustrial S.A. is honored to support the Infant-Youth Choral Festival, an important part of the Choral Festival-FESCC in Catanduva, SP. This event represents a valuable opportunity for young people to express their creativity and emotions through music while developing valuable skills and learning the importance of teamwork.

We understand that music, especially choral singing, has the power to bring people together, regardless of their differences. It has the power to uplift the human spirit and create a sense of community and belonging. Our support for this festival is not just a celebration of music and the human voice but also a celebration of youth, their talent, and potential.

This Infant-Youth Choral Festival is more than just an event – it is a commitment to our community, a platform for our young talents to shine, and a demonstration of our ongoing support for the cultural and educational enrichment of Catanduva. We hope that by supporting this festival, we can inspire more young people to explore their passion for music and encourage other organizations to contribute to the promotion of art and culture in our community.