Theater Festival

Project: Christmas Theater Festival – Ubarana, SP

With great respect for artistic expression and the transformative power of culture, Tietê Agroindustrial S.A. is proud to support the Christmas Theater Festival in Ubarana, SP. This event, initiated by the municipality itself, aims to celebrate the joy, hope, and sense of community that are so characteristic of the holiday season, all through the wonderful art of theater.

We understand that theater has the unique power to touch hearts and minds, creating a space for reflection, joy, and human connection. By supporting this festival, we are not only investing in local culture and providing a platform for the talented artists in our region but also helping to keep alive the traditions and essence of this festive time.

The Christmas Theater Festival is an expression of our belief in the importance of art, culture, and community. It is a celebration of life, love, and unity, values we wish to promote and hope will resonate with every member of our community. We invite other companies and individuals to join us in this effort to promote culture, support local art, and spread Christmas joy through the marvelous Christmas Theater Festival.