Warriors of Bax

Bax Catanduva – Women’s Basketball Team – Catanduva-SP. Professional basketball sports project.

Tietê Agroindustrial S.A., recognizing the importance of sports as a tool for inclusion, personal development, and community, is proud to support the sports project of the professional women’s basketball team, Bax Catanduva, located in Catanduva, SP. This partnership illustrates our ongoing commitment to fostering opportunities for women in sports, recognizing their capacity and determination, while working towards providing equal opportunities in professional sports.

We understand that sports are a powerful platform for individual growth, character formation, and building strong and unified communities. Our support for Bax Catanduva not only reinforces these truths but also highlights our conviction that every athlete deserves the best opportunities to achieve their dreams. This sports project represents much more than competition – it is a demonstration of strength, resilience, and dedication of women on the field, and we are proud to be part of this journey. We hope that our participation in this project inspires other companies to support similar initiatives, contributing to the empowerment of sports and women in society.